Financial Recovery

Bank of North Dakota logoHome Loan Mortgage Payment Comparison
Many homeowners in times of disaster are faced with having to repair or replace a home that still has a mortgage. This calculator offered by the Bank of North Dakota allows you to estimate a new monthly payment based on your current home mortgage, any existing second mortgages, the amount needed to repair/replace your home minus any assistance you’ve received and an interest rate. Using these variables, you can get a better idea of how the costs to repair and replace your home will impact your finances.

Home Loan Mortgage Payment Comparison

Operation HopeOperation Hope
If you’ve been impacted by a disaster, you may qualify for free financial services from the Hope Coalition America.
Services provided include:

  • Disasaster Recovery Budget
  • Paying a Mortgage on a Destroyed Home
  • Home Inspections and Repair Contracts
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Document Recovery, and more

Phone: 1-888-388-HOPE(4673)

North Dakota Department of Human Services LogoOther Economic Assistance Programs
The North Dakota Department of Human Services has a variety of assistance programs to help qualifying North Dakotans meet their basic needs. These programs help low-income families with children who are working toward self-sufficiency, and also help people who are elderly or have disabilities whose incomes are fixed or limited.

Learn more about the programs and how to apply online, or individuals should contact their county social service office.

The Family Financial ToolKit coverThe Family Financial Toolkit
An online resource providing strategies and tools to help families affected by disasters make the best decisions for them to move toward financial recovery. A collaboration of NDSU Extension Service and University of Minnesota Extension.

Disaster Recover - Red Cross Booklet SiteDisaster Recovery – A Guide to Financial Issues
An online booklet prepared by the Red Cross to help you regain a sense of financial balance following a disaster by offering suggestions on steps to take immediately, what to do in the initial weeks and months, and how to begin planning for the future.

What to do When Your Income Drops
Use this resource from NDSU Extension for tips on taking stock of your family’s current financial position.

Family Emergency PreparednessFinancial Emergency Preparedness
Instructions from NDSU Extension on how to create a portable file will important financial information in case of disaster.